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Concept7 is a dutch webdesign company, with a focus on human centered design. They offer their own sketching paper with their own idea’s about design. They have a beautiful blog with lot’s of different articles. Too bad they are only available in dutch.

Visual ideas are better to grasp and they stick better in the human mind. Besides that, they are easer to retreive and for the recepient easy to digest. And everyone can do it. You don’t even have to draw like a real artist.

en beter hangen. Bovendien kun je ze makkelijker terug vinden en zijn ze voor de ontvanger eenvoudiger te verwerken. En iedereen kan het. Je hoeft er niet eens mooi voor te kunnen tekenen.

Look, sketchpaper for everyone

This is the official sketchpaper which is daily used at Concept7.

All Concept7 sketching paper

We think by nature in images

By nature, everyone thinks visually, but you are tought differently at school, because you have to write documents. That’s how you develop to learn more in sentences than in images. Some people become so good at it that they still create everything is words in stead of pictures.

Thinking by doing

If you pay close attention to your clients, you will see that the understanding of your ideas is easier by imaging. Your clients will react on them, alter them or adjust them quickly. This is a huge benefit for the creating process. This is what concept7 calls ‘thinking by doing’. In stead of sending an document, which must be read by your customers, the images are light and easy to grasp.

Just Begin

Why don’t you just start with is. For example, just sketch some thing you already made. Don’t pay attention to the beauty of the design, just draw. A square, a circle, a dotted line and don’t be discouraged. And make sure that you are doing this all the time! Give yourself an assignment to get you started. Draw your ideal startpage, or searchbutton. By making your ideals reality, you know where you are working towards.

Sketching from 4 angles

Besides the normal sketchpaper, the company uses also MBTI sketching paper. MBTI reflects the preferences of people. Thanks to this sketchingpaper, you don’t make any descisions on your grounds, but you will think from four different types of people and four different angles. Now you are discovering!

Visual Brainstorming

During brainstorming, the clients and employees have to sketch their ideas. Later in the process you can eventually use this information. It will cast you some time, but the result is a much effective prototype.
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