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Raincreativelab provides not only beautiful wireframe tools. They also can deliver these templates in a beautiful bundled book.

The goal was simple – to create a wireframe tool that would enable designers to have that perspective. Providing you an actual viewing resolution of your potential user. Looking your site on what the user sees.

Paper Browser doesn’t only provide you with that perspective but adapt on how you work. Enabling you to focus on what you do best.-Design

Quick Sketch

Before coming up with the best possible design, Raincreativelab usualy go through a lot of revisions and design cycle. The Quick Sketch tool answer that need to help you capture those ideas on paper – fast. This tool provides you that great working canvas to work on those designs.

Each box is proportionally scaled to 1024 x 768 screen resolution to put you right into perspective. Each screen are subdivided into width sections (800, 960, 1024) to give you sense of approximations. A great tool to get you started with those creative concepts.


  • Quick design iteration
  • Screen flow design
  • Creative Exploration
  • Brainstorming Sessions
4 Panel Landscape 2 Panel with Notes Landscape 2 Panel with Notes Portrait

Detailed Sketch

If you have used Paper Browser before you know what to do next. This tool provides you an approximation tool to guide you translate those quick sketches into a design-ready format.

Your design canvas is 1024 x 768 minus the height of the browser toolbar and status bar. The size has been properly measured to simulate the actual design estate you can work on. Each grid is 3232 in dimension. You can use this data to map out directly into Photoshop during production.


  • Detailed Sketching
  • Design-ready wireframes
1 Panel with notes Landscape 1 Panel with Notes Portrait


You can buy also the notebook browser in a book-format. To do so, visit the paperbrowser website.

Click here to go to the website!
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