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What can wirify.com offer you?

  • Step back and see the big picture of a web page
  • Focus on page structure by hiding the content
  • Analyse page layout to aid learning and teaching
  • Wireframes look cool

Wirifying a web page

Once you have installed Wirify go to your favourite web page and click “Wirify by Volkside” in your bookmarks toolbar. The page will be wirified:

Wirifying a web page - Wirify user guide

Tips and tricks for better results:

  • Wait until the whole page is completely loaded before you attempt to wirify it. Wirifying complex pages will take some time so be patient.
  • Once displayed, click anywhere on the wireframe to return to the original page. Click the “Wirify by Volkside” bookmarklet to show (and hide) the wireframe again.
  • For best results adjust your browser to about 1,000 pixels wide. Many websites position hidden elements beside the main content area but these may still show up in the wireframe.
  • Modern web pages with proper semantic mark-up tend to give the best results.
  • Printing is not supported.


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